2019 here I come…..

2019 will be about simplifying and amplifying the most important, get rid of irrelevant details, so the top priorities in my life can shine. FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS. Pour my energy into what matters most to me and being in alignment.

Put myself first, take care of me and my needs, operating from authenticity. “Fill my cup so full, my cup runneth over, whats in the cup is mine, what comes out of the cup is yours” This year will be about ME. No this is not selfish this serving the god in me. When I say being about me, this is self awareness, this is also being radically truthful about myself. Not selling myself short. This is about looking at my short comings dead on, and addressing it. This is also looking at my life goals.

Quitting habits that don’t serve me.

The ability to say NO more often and not feel guilty. Being an empath this is important.

The intent to always stem from LOVE in all situations.

Be less reactive and more balanced, equanimous.

Let go to regain momentum, let go to gain perspective, let go for the lesson to come in, let go of what is no longer serving me.

Most of all find the Nugget and or learning in every situation, the diamond in the rough. Take this learning and move with it. Turn a negative situation to a positive one, to achieve a desired outcome.

-mmm- xo

By Mareika Muller

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