Mareika Marlene Muller: island gal from the Fiji Islands, who, since her youth, has resided in Toronto, Canada.

I am the mother of two beautiful kids, the joy of my world: Mia and Mateo. I LOVE to cook healthy, clean food – which for me means avoiding chemicals, additives, GMO’s and preservatives, and eating as close to Mother Nature as possible. Farmers markets and salads are my weakness. I am a quality over quantity gal and I will travel near and far to get the best ingredients.

I am an avid reader, mainly of self help books. Anything to better myself, my kids, and the people around me makes my heart skip a beat. Looking at the brighter side of things and having a positive outlook in life is key. I love to travel. I have a bucket list – and it’s really long. Yoga is another passion of mine; being on my mat keeps me grounded and well rounded.

Anything environmentally friendly gets my tick of approval. If I could stop pollution, save the trees, and have world peace, I would wave my magic wand!

By Mareika Muller