2019 here I come…..

2019 will be about simplifying and amplifying the most important, get rid of irrelevant details, so the top priorities in my life can shine. FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS. Pour my energy into what matters most to me and being in alignment.

Put myself first, take care of me and my needs, operating from authenticity. “Fill my cup so full, my cup runneth over, whats in the cup is mine, what comes out of the cup is yours” This year will be about ME. No this is not selfish this serving the god in me. When I say being about me, this is self awareness, this is also being radically truthful about myself. Not selling myself short. This is about looking at my short comings dead on, and addressing it. This is also looking at my life goals.

Quitting habits that don’t serve me.

The ability to say NO more often and not feel guilty. Being an empath this is important.

The intent to always stem from LOVE in all situations.

Be less reactive and more balanced, equanimous.

Let go to regain momentum, let go to gain perspective, let go for the lesson to come in, let go of what is no longer serving me.

Most of all find the Nugget and or learning in every situation, the diamond in the rough. Take this learning and move with it. Turn a negative situation to a positive one, to achieve a desired outcome.

-mmm- xo

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my life is art


My Life is Art

My life is Art is a set of Principles founded by former child solider, artist, speaker, entrepreneur – Emmanuel Jal – these principles helped him from being a child solider to where he is today, helping many people. Meeting some of the top leaders, artists, preforming his music and speaking engagements around the world. Following his soul calling and aligning to his grander purpose here on earth to be a part of solution. From a child solider to advising and sharing platforms with people such as Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson and much, much more. Emmanuel speaks to many of us right into alignment, lining up with your purpose, your big picture, your grand picture, the light in you that shines bright. He does this through his principles m.y l.i.f.e i.s a.r.t

The meditation process from MLIA (short for “my life is art”) is what intrigued me. A set of mantra’s you recite for 30 days – to reprogram yourself. This reprogramming is an expansion, your range of thinking is wider, wiser, and the mantra you practice for that month you start to feel it, you walk it and you talk it.

The past month May 2018 I practiced abundance – in the flow of abundance – even when I have a situation how do I turn this situation into the flow of abundance.

The learning in the situation/ problem at hand is abundant – abundant in learning. Learnings about myself, the other party and the situation. My reactions to situations, how I feel about an issue, for every moment in life I ask if I am following my souls calling and am I showing up authentically. Authentically + in the flow of abundance.

By reciting abundance, thinking about the word abundance nothing is a loss, I learn at every moment – that learning in every moment brings me into the flow of abundance.

Give when you can give.

Say no when no needs to be said

Say yes in situations where yes aligns

Through the both the yes and the no – stay completely open and focused

and in the flow of abundance you will come – mmm xo

Each month is a new mantra, something you feel needs working on, you then move from that place of reciting to insight, and you then come into alignment.  reciting + insight then coming into alignment 

Information on workshops and retreats follow @mylifeisart + mylifeisart.org  + email: info@mylifeisart.org

Ted Talks to learn more about Emmanuel Jal:  https://www.ted.com/speakers/emmanuel_jal

My Life is Art: @mylifeisart

mmm xo



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I read this often, quite often, and it makes total sense

If we can all be like water, what would the world be like

I am not totally like water, I have some rigidness to me

so it’s a constant work in progress

but I read this often to help and remind me

to be like water xo mmm


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I was told by a friend… a recent friendship he said to me a few days ago – right out – straight forward – that I have a strong personality. I paused in my tracks – thinking about this and how he came to this conclusion. I feel that I know myself very well. This was one of those moments where I had to ask myself – am I? , do I have a strong personality!?  The word strong triggered me, the moment I heard it I didn’t like it. So I had to have a self talk in my mind saying okay research and see what it means. During this self talk he also explained himself and what he meant by it, and everything he said I said yes you’re right. Some things I wanted to say hell no but I said yes you’re right because I was being honest with myself and him.

After we got off the phone – I the researcher and thinker I am, googled: traits of a strong personality and this article came up.

Breathed in and out and said – yes his spot on.

When we come to this self-awareness, this self-actualization – life becomes more of a flow. I believe when you start to know yourself, you then start to watch the thinker and navigate appropriately. What makes you, you at your core. Lately I have learned more and more to stand in my power and in my truth. This has been a huge challenge for me and still is some days. When I stand in my power and truth I feel freedom, I feel okay, I feel centred to my very being.

Definition of self-awareness: “conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.” “the process can be painful but it leads to greater self-awareness”

Attached is article on strong personality:


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my divorce

Married for 6 years, to date separated and divorced for almost 4 years. Here is my story on my divorce that ultimately broke my family and my heart, in all its doings. Everything fell apart. My heart dropped to the floor and all of sudden life felt very heavy. Like I was carrying a boulder. When you have a home to come to, your family, this is very grounding. Well that grounding got pulled from beneath my feet right before my eyes.

I ate bananas for days to fuel myself to keep myself going, the bananas fuelled me to take my then 4 year old and 5 year old to school and their activities. I blamed him, all of it I blamed him. He cheated and how could you. After months of many arguing that was it time to tap out and go inwards, look at myself and everything as a whole. Never mind the cheating I had to become the bigger person and look at myself too.

My sister took one look at me and said you don’t look well we need to do something, no food in my system just bananas. I was driving around for days in a daze confused as to why and how, back tracking every step, every move to find answers to possibly put this puzzle in what we call life back together. My family was everything.

Lauren (my sister) dragged me to yoga, and this is where the peeling back of the layers began. It was a place to be with myself, find myself. Cried during savasana and in particular at every pose. The words uttered by the teacher touched something deep within me. It was not about him anymore, this was not about blaming, this was about ME. Blaming him I knew was not going to help the situation aka this puzzle in life.

Signs presented themselves and synchronicity’s, this is when I enrolled for yoga teacher training. Not necessarily to become a yoga teacher but to peel back layers of myself. Looking inwards and the peeling began. Four intense months of self inquiry and yoga. Being the shyest person out of all 30 plus students in the class, always the last to practice teach, to take the stage. I started to realize my power, my power within, my core ~ an intimate place within all of us, inside, this is the place we find all our power all the love we need for ourself and for others.

There are many angles to this love story but I know longer blame my ex husband – I say it’s both of us that allowed this to fall through our hands. My biggest learning from this ~ make sure your intentions are clear and make it stem from love always, no matter the situation. Feel your fear, feel your anger, sit with it, pause, pause and in that place you move from please let it be love no matter what. xo


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I saw this lovely passage by Najwa Zebian and my write up below is what came to me – connecting the dots in life. Najwa Zebian is an author – she writes to give a voice to the silenced souls out there.

Jan 8, 2018 in the evening I was at the kitchen counter making food for my loves (Mia & Mateo) and my daughter Mia, came up to me while holding and putting a lego piece together and she said to me: you know mommy you care too much, you care for others more then yourself. My mouth dropped, then she continued to say I care for you mommy I want you to think of yourself sometimes. I said to myself wow how does an 8 year old come up with this, I was speechless. As mothers and caregivers we tend to at times have no limit for our giving. The point of this short passage is our kids mirror us they sense and understand wether they get it in that moment or down the road. To truly love is a very selfless act. xo


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my loves & smoothies

The loves of my life, my joy and my teachers. We can learn so much from kids if we just sit and watch them, analyze them, their curiosity, living in the now and much more.
Mia and Mateo I love the way you both laugh so hard, giggle and act silly. I love when given the freedom – you create, create and create. The messes you create, paint everywhere at times, lego building and much much more.
Mia and Mateo you are both free spirits and please as you grow older do not let this free spirit die. Being a free spirit gives you the freedom and leeway to find what makes your heart skip a beat – your path in life and access to much more. xo
…….after school smoothie
One great way to pack nutrients into our kids is smoothies – throw everything into a blender and drink up buttercup. Smoothies are a meal in itself.
The smoothie in this picture ~ has homemade almond milk, bananas, maca powder, cocoa powder, jal gua and some ice. You can add little honey or maple syrup for a touch sweeter.
***maca powder: root high in vitamin c, cooper and iron
***cocoa powder: contains essential minerals that support your heart, bones and immune system
***jal gua: combination of sorghum and moringa, high in iron and vitamin c

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Farmers Market

One my favourite things to do is Saturday mornings ~ farmers market. 
Meeting the people/ farmers that grow our food – connecting with them, asking questions and truly getting to know what my kids and I are consuming or anyone that comes in my path that I get the opportunity to nourish.
Eating what is in season and knowing where our food comes from is a priority.
Connecting to the farmers who are connected to nature.
When you look in their eyes and ask them questions wether this fruit or vegetable has been sprayed and the answer they give you.
We should all make it a priority to understand what were consuming.
Rows of greens, rows of colours so pure – vegetables and fruits so yummy. 
From my experience farmers who take great care of their crops, they practice organic growing will not force you to buy their produce the produce speak for themselves and they want produce in the hands of someone who cares  ~ feeding our bodies as a whole ~ mind, body and spirit.

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