I saw this lovely passage by Najwa Zebian and my write up below is what came to me – connecting the dots in life. Najwa Zebian is an author – she writes to give a voice to the silenced souls out there.

Jan 8, 2018 in the evening I was at the kitchen counter making food for my loves (Mia & Mateo) and my daughter Mia, came up to me while holding and putting a lego piece together and she said to me: you know mommy you care too much, you care for others more then yourself. My mouth dropped, then she continued to say I care for you mommy I want you to think of yourself sometimes. I said to myself wow how does an 8 year old come up with this, I was speechless. As mothers and caregivers we tend to at times have no limit for our giving. The point of this short passage is our kids mirror us they sense and understand wether they get it in that moment or down the road. To truly love is a very selfless act. xo


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my loves & smoothies

The loves of my life, my joy and my teachers. We can learn so much from kids if we just sit and watch them, analyze them, their curiosity, living in the now and much more.
Mia and Mateo I love the way you both laugh so hard, giggle and act silly. I love when given the freedom – you create, create and create. The messes you create, paint everywhere at times, lego building and much much more.
Mia and Mateo you are both free spirits and please as you grow older do not let this free spirit die. Being a free spirit gives you the freedom and leeway to find what makes your heart skip a beat – your path in life and access to much more. xo
…….after school smoothie
One great way to pack nutrients into our kids is smoothies – throw everything into a blender and drink up buttercup. Smoothies are a meal in itself.
The smoothie in this picture ~ has homemade almond milk, bananas, maca powder, cocoa powder, jal gua and some ice. You can add little honey or maple syrup for a touch sweeter.
***maca powder: root high in vitamin c, cooper and iron
***cocoa powder: contains essential minerals that support your heart, bones and immune system
***jal gua: combination of sorghum and moringa, high in iron and vitamin c

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Farmers Market

One my favourite things to do is Saturday mornings ~ farmers market. 
Meeting the people/ farmers that grow our food – connecting with them, asking questions and truly getting to know what my kids and I are consuming or anyone that comes in my path that I get the opportunity to nourish.
Eating what is in season and knowing where our food comes from is a priority.
Connecting to the farmers who are connected to nature.
When you look in their eyes and ask them questions wether this fruit or vegetable has been sprayed and the answer they give you.
We should all make it a priority to understand what were consuming.
Rows of greens, rows of colours so pure – vegetables and fruits so yummy. 
From my experience farmers who take great care of their crops, they practice organic growing will not force you to buy their produce the produce speak for themselves and they want produce in the hands of someone who cares  ~ feeding our bodies as a whole ~ mind, body and spirit.

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