I saw this lovely passage by Najwa Zebian and my write up below is what came to me – connecting the dots in life. Najwa Zebian is an author – she writes to give a voice to the silenced souls out there.

Jan 8, 2018 in the evening I was at the kitchen counter making food for my loves (Mia & Mateo) and my daughter Mia, came up to me while holding and putting a lego piece together and she said to me: you know mommy you care too much, you care for others more then yourself. My mouth dropped, then she continued to say I care for you mommy I want you to think of yourself sometimes. I said to myself wow how does an 8 year old come up with this, I was speechless. As mothers and caregivers we tend to at times have no limit for our giving. The point of this short passage is our kids mirror us they sense and understand wether they get it in that moment or down the road. To truly love is a very selfless act. xo


By Mareika Muller

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