Mushroom and bok choy

As a busy mom some days we want to make simple, nutritious foods. This one I love doing quite often. There is something about sauteed mushrooms and rice that just sits well.

sautee 1 whole onion with some garlic, in avocado oil

2-3 handfuls of mushrooms sliced (sautee mushrooms for few minutes to release the flavours of the mushroom)

some himalayan salt, black pepper to your desire (the salt will release the flavours of the mushroom)

add some water slowly, continue to add to a max of about 3 cups

1 handful finely chopped green onions

2 small to medium size bok choy finely chopped

a small piece of ginger

cook one cup of organic white basmati rice, or brown rice

and serve yum xo

By Mareika Muller

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