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My Life is Art

My life is Art is a set of Principles founded by former child solider, artist, speaker, entrepreneur – Emmanuel Jal – these principles helped him from being a child solider to where he is today, helping many people. Meeting some of the top leaders, artists, preforming his music and speaking engagements around the world. Following his soul calling and aligning to his grander purpose here on earth to be a part of solution. From a child solider to advising and sharing platforms with people such as Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson and much, much more. Emmanuel speaks to many of us right into alignment, lining up with your purpose, your big picture, your grand picture, the light in you that shines bright. He does this through his principles m.y l.i.f.e i.s a.r.t

The meditation process from MLIA (short for “my life is art”) is what intrigued me. A set of mantra’s you recite for 30 days – to reprogram yourself. This reprogramming is an expansion, your range of thinking is wider, wiser, and the mantra you practice for that month you start to feel it, you walk it and you talk it.

The past month May 2018 I practiced abundance – in the flow of abundance – even when I have a situation how do I turn this situation into the flow of abundance.

The learning in the situation/ problem at hand is abundant – abundant in learning. Learnings about myself, the other party and the situation. My reactions to situations, how I feel about an issue, for every moment in life I ask if I am following my souls calling and am I showing up authentically. Authentically + in the flow of abundance.

By reciting abundance, thinking about the word abundance nothing is a loss, I learn at every moment – that learning in every moment brings me into the flow of abundance.

Give when you can give.

Say no when no needs to be said

Say yes in situations where yes aligns

Through the both the yes and the no – stay completely open and focused

and in the flow of abundance you will come – mmm xo

Each month is a new mantra, something you feel needs working on, you then move from that place of reciting to insight, and you then come into alignment.  reciting + insight then coming into alignment 

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By Mareika Muller

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