Buckwheat Pancakes with the mmm twist

In this recipe I used the Ecoideas buckwheat pancake mix. In this package there is four different flours ~ buckwheat flour, mung bean flour, brown rice flour and sorghum flour and all you add is equivalent water to the mixture and you’re good to go. I have enhanced mine slightly using almond milk in replace of water, ripe bananas and Jal Gua. Jal Gua is made up of organic sorghum and organic moringa.

1 cup buckwheat ecoideas pancake mix

1 ripe banana (option 1 and 1/2) mashed

1 tablespoon jal gua

1 cup almond milk

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together and scoop batter into a heated frying pan – using coconut oil.

Top with pure maple syrup and berries. xo

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my loves & smoothies

The loves of my life, my joy and my teachers. We can learn so much from kids if we just sit and watch them, analyze them, their curiosity, living in the now and much more.
Mia and Mateo I love the way you both laugh so hard, giggle and act silly. I love when given the freedom – you create, create and create. The messes you create, paint everywhere at times, lego building and much much more.
Mia and Mateo you are both free spirits and please as you grow older do not let this free spirit die. Being a free spirit gives you the freedom and leeway to find what makes your heart skip a beat – your path in life and access to much more. xo
…….after school smoothie
One great way to pack nutrients into our kids is smoothies – throw everything into a blender and drink up buttercup. Smoothies are a meal in itself.
The smoothie in this picture ~ has homemade almond milk, bananas, maca powder, cocoa powder, jal gua and some ice. You can add little honey or maple syrup for a touch sweeter.
***maca powder: root high in vitamin c, cooper and iron
***cocoa powder: contains essential minerals that support your heart, bones and immune system
***jal gua: combination of sorghum and moringa, high in iron and vitamin c

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